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 $55pp exclusive of GST—minimum 25 guests
Please select three main dishes, two side dishes and two salads


Served with local hand made breads-unsalted butter or olive oil 

Poached atlantic salmon with herb salad (gf,df)  

Chicken with pesto cream, roasted tomatoes and toasted pinenuts (gf)  

Moroccan Lamb shoulder with mint and redcurrant        (gf)

Roasted beef brisket rubbed with pommery mustard and bourbon (gf)

Orecchiette with portabello mushrooms, crispy bacon and parmesan emullsion

Thai red pork and prawn curry with hokkien oyster noodles

Deep fried bean curd with wombok and spring onions (gf, vegan)          

Lamb, chickpea and sultana tagine (gf, df)

Chicken, corn and tarragon cream (gf)

Lemon basil and garlic golden roasted chicken (gf,df)

Steamed barramundi with ginger and soy on banana leaf (gf,df)

Aubergine with macadamia and parmesan crumble (veg)




Smoked salt potato wedges-lemon sour cream (gf,v)

Grilled corn on the cob, Calabrian chilli butter-ash salt (gf,v)

Sweet Paprika baked potato (gf,v)

Baked burnt butter cauliflower, soaked sultanas and flat parley (gf,v)

Garlic soft polenta (gf)

Roasted root vegetables (gf,df,veg)

Saffron, sultana, almond and flat parsley pilaf (gf,v)



Kale, fennel and broccoli slaw-dill cream (gf,v)

Red potato, tuscan corn and flat parley (gf,v)

Romaine, parmesan, crispy shallots, grated egg-capers (gf,v)

Lemon and thyme bean and pinenuts (gf,df,veg)

Green chilli, kail lan, cous cous and orange (df,veg)

Simple green leaf and dijion vinaigrette (df,gf,veg)

This menu requires a minimum of 25 guests. All prices are exclusive of GST. Kitchen equipment, chefs, and wait staff, are additional. Minimum hours required for each staff member are 3. Menus are seasonal and subject to change.

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