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In the urban chic of Brisbane and the coast, getting nourishing, healthful, seasonal and above all delicious food-that is delivered on time and or executed by professional and polished staff can be a challenge.

However at Boheme we pull this off consistently without a hitch!

Experience counts, Boheme collectively has the understanding & knowledge to help guide corporates and special events to bring together a unique and reactive service.

Boheme is humble and we believe that in the corporate and private environment that responsiveness and communication is critical.


We make sure that your needs and questions are addressed quickly in crystal clarity.

Furthermore we don’t think that you have to sacrifice great taste and nutrition for the sake of convenience.

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We believe that all food should be made with care and the freshest sustainable local ingredients.

Our ethos is that Boheme Events we believe in taking care of people. From first contact through to follow-up, we pride ourselves on our accessibility, attentiveness, and our ability to exceed expectations.


An event is a collaborative expression and the collaborative spirit is not limited to only our company, but extends to vendors, our partners and our clients.

Integrity and respect are our core values. We put forth the best, in both people and product.


To deliver a seamless service that exceeds both clients and customers expectations thereby creating totally delighted customers.

The team is our product and the most important members of the team are everyone!


We will be committed to training, development and motivation; they must be equally committed to being a team member and delivering a stunning service.

We are passionately committed to providing simple yet elegant food, that can be enjoyed in multitude of venues, houses and bespoke areas.

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